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Clothing and accessories created for women that admire the inspiring and powerful duality of femininity. With a love for enduring style and beautiful fabrics, we believe clothing is an outward expression of an inward notion and should be versatile enough for your interpretation. Our timeless designs consider the diversity that is femininity and often merge both structure and flow, whether that be in our styling combinations or a stand alone piece. We want our clothing and accessories to signify and accommodate the powerful and beautiful multi-faceted nature of femininity, both bold and soft, courageous and nurturing, both the “Blizzard” and the “Breeze”. Each of our pieces are created with the intention to embrace the joy and gift of being more than one thing.


Blizzard and Breeze is a South African fashion brand that started in 2019. All clothing and accessories are designed by the owner Tamaryn Forbes. The handmade accessories such as the clay head bands and hats are hand crafted by Tamaryn herself, with embellishments that convey an eloquent sense of style and design while keeping versatility in mind. All of her designs are proudly made in South Africa by a female owned CMT in Johannesburg with a full team of women fabricating the beautiful BB garments. 

It is the mission of BB to not only uplift female owned businesses, but to continue the pursuit of ethical clothing while still having the ability to create versatile and expressive pieces. The approach of a capsule collection each season is with the intention to avoid waist. The timelessness of BB designs and versatility in their patterns adds an item to your wardrobe that can transcend seasons and trends, giving you more wear out of your classic pieces. 

BB creations are based on the premise of timeless style, that uplifts female owned South African business and contributes to a “consume less, wear more” approach to our wardrobes.

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